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Price List

Price list

We would like our clients to know what to expect, so we have prepared an approximate price list of our services.

As professionals, we believe that the basis of a successful cooperation with a client is clarity. Our specialist will always arrive at the project site to assess the scope of work and discuss terms of service. We will have a precise valuation prepared before signing any agreements.

We can provide precise pricing only after a meeting with our specialist. A project manager will appraise all necessary work and costs and give You a detailed plan. When our valuation is approved, we prepare a comprehensive agreement that binds us to these prices throughout the project.

Please treat the price list below as an approximate example of labor net price. We can provide precise costs after an appraisal of our client’s plans.

Masonry, Plastering, Gypsum Cardboards, Spackling

Building Ytong partition walls up to 12cm thick m2 50,00
Plastering walls m2 20,00
Demolition of partition walls up to 18cm think m2 45,00
Removing of old plaster m2 15,00
Filling in plaster in cracks afer removing walls m 20,00
Placing selfleveling m2 25,00
Removing doors and frame pcs 100,00
Mounting internal doors and frame pcs 180,00
Mounting internal doors and frame pcs 400,00
Mounting suspended ceiling from gypsum cardboard on frame m2 70,00
Mounting walls from gypsum cardboard on frame m2 60,00
Mounting gypsum cardboard with glue - walls (plaster) m2 30,00
Mounting gypsum cardboards on frame with wool, foil - attic insulation m2 110,00
Plastering mesh on cracks m 9,00
Placing ready-mixed plaster and grinding - polishing walls and ceiling m2 20,00
Spackling seams between gypsum cardboards m 15,00


Mounting sewage and water system point 150,00
Mounting central heating instalation point 200,00
Removing old plumbing instalations point 80,00
Removing old plumbing points (shower bath, bath, taps, basins, etc.) point 50,00
Mounting water drain line pcs 250,00
Mounting frames for: toilet bowl, bidet, basin pcs 200,00
Mounting new radiator (standard) pcs 100,00
Second fix - basins, taps, toilet bowls, bidet, etc. (standard) point 150,00
Second fix - bath, etc. (standard) pcs 300,00
Second fix - shower bath, etc. (standard) pcs 150,00
Second fix - shower cubicle, etc, (standard) pcs 300,00
Second fix - shower panel, etc. (standard) pcs 200,00


Placing instalation - point: electric, telephone, antenna, internet point 60,00
Mounting sockets: electric, switches, telephone, antenna, etc. pcs 10,00
Mounting ventilator pcs 60,00
Mounting lighting: spot light, wall light, chandelier (standard) pcs 40,00
Removing old eletrical instalations point 30,00
Removing old lights pcs 15,00
Moving the intercom pcs 150,00
Making internal TV / Hi-Fi cable slots pcs 200,00


Hacking off old tiling (ceramic tiles) m2 18,00
Leveling walls and floors for new tiles m2 20,00
Laying tiling and terra cotta (above 15x15 cm) m2 65,00
Laying gres - matt or gloss (above 15x15 up to 60 cm) m2 75,00
Laying gres - above 60x60 cm m2 90,00
Laying mosaic m2 90,00
Laying ready ceramic skirting boards m 30,00
Making openings in tiling and terra cotta pcs 25,00
Making openings in gres pcs 40,00
Mounting decor m 50,00
Polishing tiling and terra cotta corners (above 15x15 cm) m 50,00
Polishing gres corners (above 15x15 cm) m 60,00
Building bath wall panels pcs 200,00
Building shower bath wall panel pcs 100,00

Painting and Decorating

Classic painting - one color m2 10,00
Decorative painting m2 15,00
Preparing walls and ceilings - removing old paint m2 10,00
Placing wallpapers m2 40,00
Priming walls and ceilings m2 3,00
Mounting aluminum corners pcs 18,00
Removing old wallpaper m2 10,00

Floors and Parquet

Removing old parquet m2 20,00
Removing old floor-covering m2 10,00
Removing old PCV tiles m2 15,00
Laying floor-covering m2 30,00
Laying floor panels m2 25,00
Laying ready floor boards on glue m2 35,00
Mounting skirting boards m 15,00
Laying parquet m2 70,00
Sanding parquet floor - foundation - glossing or oiling m2 45,00

Garden Products Assembly

Mounting terrace on hard base m2 80,00
Mounting terrace on soft base (framework on blocks) m2 120,00
Mounting terrace on soft base (framework on foundation) m2 160,00
Terrace maintenance (cleaning + oling, with material) m2 35,00
Mounting panel fence on embeded instalation m 40,00
Mounting panel fence on screw-down instalation m 45,00
Mounting panel fence on embeded instalation (engulfed in concrete, with material) m 75,00
Installing car shade with material to mount one or two positions (more positions individually calculated on request) pcs 1200,00-2500,00
Assembling tool shed (depending on size and additions) pcs 500,00-1200,00
Assembling playground (depending on size and additions) pcs 900,00-2500,00


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